POWER OF PARTNERSHIPS: IBA Success Magazine May / June Cover Revealed

KICKIN’ OFF SUMMER WITH A BANG! When you do what you love it shows 100%. That’s when the magic truly happens. Life has its own way of rearranging itself to bring you back to your passion & intended purpose.

One of the last convos I had with my Dad in January was him asking when I was going to write again. One of his greatest joys was seeing my writing feature articles for @IBASuccess.

I assured him that the universe and a power greater than myself was evidently realigning itself with getting back in touch with my creative side.

So when you see what the summer has in store, this one’s for you Dad. May you rest in peace knowing that I’ll carry on your legacy as an artist, photographer, writer & loyal supporter of local businesses — the enduring & resilient plight of the ongoing entrepreneurial journey.

Thank you to @Jennifer_Yon_ for this brand new opportunity to come full circle to showcase community and Power Of Partnerships Cover Reveal!

Kathryn McHenry

SOS Local Business Specialist

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