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FIRMLY PLANT YOUR BUSINESS ON SOLID GROUND❗ 🌿 @BizOrlandoFL Behance Adobe Portfolio now live at BizOrlandoFL.com — where brand new ideas are grown💡 Let’s grow together.

BIZORLANDO.COM UPDATE 🆘 I invite you to follow @BizOrlandoFL online for future news & updates 📝 All other social media pages will be phased out.

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I’m looking to lead 5 more influencers in September in telling their personal story to define and build branding. 📝🔥📷 I’ve just launched my new offerings today and am already assisting my first home-based business owner in planting a solid foundation towards revamping her online endeavors.

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, influencer, coach, etc. ❓ If the answer is yes, then we should chat about next steps. I’m just a click away — schedule a brief 15-minute phone consultation to explore how I may help you grow your ideas about digital branding❗🌿 Kathryn McHenry 🌿

👉 bizorlando.simplybook.me 👈

P.S. Did you know that @BizOrlandoFL is now a Constant Contact Business Partner? Learn more by clicking the image below and to sign up for your FREE 60-day trial to give it a try❗ You won’t believe all of the new features and solutions that they have added this year to help your business grow 🌿 Find out for yourself and I’d love the opportunity to discuss how to become a @BizOrlandoFL managed client to guide you along the way.

Kathryn McHenry, @BizOrlandoFL

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