Update: Life goes on in spite of our social media

STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Many of you have reached out this week after noticing a sudden disruption starting several days ago with my @BizOrlandoFL Instagram account. It has taken me several days to try to figure out exactly what happened to be quite honest. But I was able to replicate the error in question tonight, so that in hopes I may help you avoid the same mistake.

You may or may not know of someone who is a friend or family member who has had their Instagram account hacked & their password changed — leaving them no recourse or easy way to recover their account. This was NOT what happened to me — but rather a result of new Meta measures put in place to automatically prevent this from happening to other Instagram users.

What I have since figured out is that the other night when I was making multiple edits to a post, I inadvertently disregarded a warning message as I had never seen it before. The gist of the message when you receive it says TRY AGAIN LATER. This new automatic system put in place will automatically disable your account & you’re not guaranteed access back into your account.

Should you receive this message, stop what you’re doing immediately so that the automated systems put in place don’t disable your account. Fortunately for me, my @BizOrlandoFL updates are available on other platforms, as well as &

In instances where you have a disabled account, you’re able to submit a request via Instagram in an attempt to recover your account. There is no guarantee of restoration or any timeline given after submitting your request. You may be asked to provide additional information to support your account restoration request. In the meanwhile, I’ve created a new Instagram account @BizOrlando.FL which will serve as a pictorial gallery for the @BizOrlandoFL Card & Gift Shop — whereas other @BizOrlandoFL events, news & updates will be at @SOSArtGallery.

Thank you to those who’ve supported along the way & who have kept me encouraged in spite of this unexpected hurdle. I’ve included relevant bookmarks below for my Instagram accounts & informational websites. In spite of rebuilding from the screenprint above, resilience is always the answer. Diversifying our efforts maintains sustainability in the long run!

@BizOrlandoFL Consultancy Website:

@BizOrlandoFL Online Shopping Portal:

SOS Art Gallery at Instagram:

BizOrlando FL at Instagram:










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